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19 responses to “Google Talk Status Countdown”

  1. Eyad

    PBUY friend,

    There is no need to talk about wonderfulness because it already seems clearly.

    Hope you get in future the better and better and then better 😛 and finally better than what’s supposed to.
    it’s so nice project.


  2. marc

    i still cant understand what does this do? does it auto change ur status based on a schedule?

  3. André


    GTalk Client desktop and GTalk Android Client, both set the priority to 24. Do you think that it is possible to set the priority for the Android GTalk to be always inferior to the GTalk desktop app, in a way similar to what you have done??


  4. Shalabh Dixit


    I tried to set the message using this utility but nothing happens on clicking ‘Set Values & Start’ button.

    I logged in successfully and it shows the status as connected on login button click.
    Can anybody please help and provide the inputs…??

    Shalabh Dixit

  5. boardtc

    I have a proxy set in google talk, have you considered improving this to allow a proxy to be used?

    I would like to use this to set my status message while I am in the office. So I don’t need an update interval, I would just like to set it to clear my at office message at say 17.30.

  6. Tahir Akram

    Aslam o Alaykum Diab!

    Well as you mentioned in the post, I tried this code. But it’s not updating GTalk status nor it giving any exception. Run perfect.

    XMPPConnection connection = new XMPPConnection(""); //Server is for Google Talk.
    connection.login("", "mypassword"); //Username and password.

    Presence p = new Presence(Presence.Type.available);
    p.setStatus("MY STATUS");
    p.setPriority(24); //Highest priority in Google Talk
    p.setMode(Presence.Mode.available); //This is one of XMPP modes (Available, Chat, DND, Away, XA).

    Please help what should I do to just programmaticaly update GTalk status.

    Thanks in advance.

  7. Juliet

    Hi- I can’t log i doing something wrong? I downloaded and extracted the 2 files….and opened the interface and tried to log in..but it just keeps saying Not Connected

  8. Gaby

    I’ve created something that changes all statuses of all clients (Android, GMail, …)
    Perhaps you could update your post with some ideas from my code :

  9. pavan kumar

    hi- I am using your code and it’s working fine but when i closed the app the status message set to previous one, how can we set status message permanently like gtalk sets. please give me some inputs that how to set status message permanently.

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